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While there are multiple sites that provide pedigree information for the German Shepherd dog, this site is different in that it is based upon conformation show results, trial results and breed survey results that have been hosted by the United Schutzhund Club of America (UScA), German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA), German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC) and the old German Shepherd Dog Club of America Working Dog Assocation (GSDCA-WDA).

Due to the addition of over 100 older conformation shows, trial and breed survey results, we are now offering two versions of the site.  A free version and a subscription version.  Some information is now only available via subscription due to the costs of adding all of the additional information.  Much of the information that you are used to seeing is still available for free.  There is a summary of what is available for free or via subscription on the tabs listed below.

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Listed below is information available to the public without a paid membership.
  • Results for SV style Conformation Shows held in the US and Canada for the last 10 years, currently 340 events.
  • Detailed information on over 37,740 dogs
    • Specific details including sire and dam info
    • Conformation shows and placements
    • Shown progeny and their placements
    • 5 generation pedigree
  • Judges who have judged conformation shows, trials or breed surveys in the US and Canada for the last 10 years, currently 162 judges
    • This includes, where available, photos and biographies for the judges
    • Listing of conformation shows judged with the ability to view show results
    • Listing of trials judged
    • Listing of breed surveys conducted
    • Provides information on what each judge has the ability to preside over whether that be a conformation, show, trial or breed survey.  Also includes which organization the judge is a member of.
  • Handler sign-up form where a handler can advertise which events and classes they have availability
  • Listing of vets that are members of VetsXL.com which allows them to digitally submit hip and elbow x-rays directly to the SV for evaluation
  • Statistics for overall top sires, top sires by year and also the number of entries per year by organization
  • Special statistics on dogs that have gone VA in the US or Canada
  • New section which includes FCI and SV rules, listing of SV and WUSV judges, section of educational material
  • Event Calendar which includes conformation shows, trials and breed surveys held in the US
All information in the Free Version is included with your membership plus the information listed below.
  • Results for 543 Conformation shows which includes 114 new events added prior to 2006.  Provides some unique perspective on our breeds' history
  • Results currently for 645 Trials with another 364 to be added
  • Results for 45 Breed Surveys
  • 4000 Critiques for individual dogs
  • For each dog's individual details display of critiques, trial and breed survey results when they are available.  Trial results also include titles earned outside of the US awarded by an SV judge.  Currently 3,852 dogs have listed Trial results
  • Information for 182 judges.  From the judges listing you can click on any show, trial or breed survey and review the event result details
  • Critiques for individual dogs are displayed as part of the event results when available
  • Special section on dogs awarded VA status in the US and Canada.  Information includes the number of times awarded VA, the event, placement, critique and judge.  Trial results included for all VA dogs where available