Welcome to GSD Events Online….

GSD Events Online has a new vision…

Most of you are aware of what the SV-DOxS program offers in terms of individual dog information
and also information on breedings, litters and litter mates.

The new goal for GSD Events Online is to gather and provide that type of information for dogs and litters in the United States and Canada.

Before that information can be provided online, it must be collected!  That is where I need the help from stud dog owners and breeders. To help gather that information there are now 3 NEW FREE additional sections of GSD Events Online…

  • Stud Dog Listing
  • Puppies for Sale Listing
  • Litter Registrations

Not only will it be easy to find information on stud dogs and puppies for sale, but by gathering this information the other data provided by SV-DOxS will be generated over time. Once enough information is collected then it will be displayed with the other data currently available.

These 3 new sections can all be found under the ‘Dog’ menu option.

I look forward to being able to share all of the new information collected!

New Product – Pet Emergency Contact Tube

available in the Store menu at the top of the page

GSD Events Online is now a distributor for Canine Performance Nutrition Products (CPN)

We are currently carrying the following products:

  • Vertex
  • Power Boost
  • Structure
  • Coat Boost

For our local clubs we offer a 10% plus free shipping if items are delivered or picked up.  Use coupon code CLUBS2020 at checkout.  Read the attached flyer for more information.

Club Discount Flyer

Visit our store, by clicking on the ‘Store’ link in the menu at the top of the page, to place your order and redeem your coupon.

GSD Events Online has undergone a complete redesign in both look and content.  The same information that you have come to expect is still available with new additions that are still free to view.  We have grown to include information on over 39,797 dogs!

To make the site even more valuable new information has been added to a members only section.

  • Trial Results and Breed Survey Events have been added
  • Trial and Breed Survey results have been integrated with individual dog details where available
  • 4,000 Critiques on individual have been added and can be viewed for individual dogs and also within event results
  • More information about Judges has been added including lists of all events judged in the US and Canada
  • Over 100 “archived” events held prior to 2006 have been added.  The site now contains results for more than 592 conformation shows

In addition to more events, new information regarding rules, education and judge’s listings from the SV and WUSV are now available to help keep competitors up to date on the latest rules governing the sport.

Due to the time and amount of new data that has been added to the site, a membership subscription is now available.  This is a yearly membership for $36 which provides access to Trial Results, Breed Survey Results, Critiques and events held prior to 2009 that are in the database.  To learn more about what is included in a membership Click Here to learn more and join.

If you would like to keep seeing the information offered on this site, with new information being added on a regular basis, please consider becoming a Site Sponsor.  With the addition of the Trial and Breed Survey results, the time and cost to keep the site up and running has increased.  A site sponsor can have a graphic with a link to either a website, Facebook page or Facebook group appear here on the Home page.  The cost to sponsor is $50 for a 12 month period.  The site has always gotten good traffic and we expect that to increase with the addition of the new information.  If you would like to become a Site Sponsor Click Here.

We hope you enjoy the new look and data on the site, be sure to check out all of the menu options, and come back often.