GSD Events Online

Online Entry Form Information

Automated online entry forms are offered for SV style Conformation Shows, Breed Surveys and Trials. Forms are easily configured for an individual events’ specifics in regards to club, location, judges and classes/titles being offered. The online process offers the following:

  • Online entry process
  • Suitable for any event held by the USCA, GSSCC or GSDCA.  Organization logo is automatically inserted
  • If the dog being entered is already in the system, the entry form will be automatically populated with information. All items can be edited.
  • Autofill of City, State and Country information when a zip code is entered.
  • Required fields for class or title being entered are validated.  Error message indicates missing information.
  • Required documents can be uploaded as part of the entry process. Accepts documents in the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png (.pdf files are preferred)
  • If documents have already been uploaded, a listing of existing documents will be displayed and either additional or new documents can be uploaded.
  • Payment page will list information on how to pay by check. If the club has a regular PayPal account, the account can be linked and competitors can pay with either a credit card or PayPal account
  • Payments can be accepted in either US dollars or Canadian dollars
  • If the club does not have a PayPal account, they can use the GSD Events Online account for an additional fee
  • Event secretary receives an email each time an entry is processed
  • Each event stores entries in their own unique data table
  • Each entry form has a unique web URL which can be included on any web page, Facebook page or Facebook group


Event organizers have access to an online backend system that provides the ability to do the following:

  • Edit individual entry information
  • View uploaded documents
  • Mark entries paid
  • Assign catalog numbers
  • Update Results
  • Mark entries verified when all documents and payments are received. Allows easy view of completed entries
  • Export complete entry information to Microsoft Excel at any time


Samples of entry forms, administration screens, catalog page layouts and showcards, can be found by clicking on options in the menu on the left.

To begin making this system available to all clubs in the US and Canada we are initially offering low simple rates. These rates apply to Club and Regional level events. For National events contact to discuss fees.

  • Entry form and backend administration
    • Conformation Form – $25
    • Breed Survey Form – $15
    • Trial Entry Form – $10
  • For Conformation Shows & Breed Surveys the following is available for $25
    • Show card file ready to print for inside content. Two cards per page
    • Catalog page layout of all entry information
  • For Trials the following is available for $10
    • Catalog page layout of all entry information
  • If the club does not have a PayPal account and wishes to use the PayPal account of GSD Events Online to collect payments online there will be a charge of 2% of all entry fees collected.


If you would like more information regarding the online entry forms please Click Here to Contact Us.