2018 National IPO3/FH Championship

SV Judge  Wilfried Tautz – Obedience and Protection

SV Head of Training
Wilfried Tautz was born in 1954 and joined the SV in 1977, where he is active, among other tasks, as a federal group president and performance judge. Since 2015, Wilfried Tautz has been the SV head of training. In 1970, he took on service in the state police of Schleswig-Holstein, and from 1977 to 1998, was a duty dog handler and instructor at the police. From 1998 to his retirement in September 2015, he was an official in charge of corruption affairs in the state criminal investigation department. Wilfried Tautz lives with his wife and the dogs Pandora von den Ost-Kantonen and Ed vom Patriot in Kleinkühren in Schleswig-Holstein.

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Mike Karlov – Tracking

I have been in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO for 18 years and have trained 4 GSD’s to SchH3/IPO3,FH. One German Shepherd I bred and trained is currently the ‘Deputy Cadaver’ dog for the Sangamon County Police, Illinois.

I have been a helper for 13 years and am currently the Training Director and main helper for my GSDCA club, BurOak Hundesport.  I am also a GSDCA IPO Performance Judge.

I have been a tracklayer for Club, Regional, National and FH Championships, I was also selected to lay tracks at the past 2013 WUSV World Championships.  I wish all the competitors the best of luck.





2018 Universal Sieger Show & Breed Survey

SV Judge & Körmeister  Helmut König – Universal Sieger Show and Breed Survey

Herr König has been a member of the SV since 1970, and has been training and titling his own dogs for over 40 years.

He has previously served as Chair for the SV’s Helper Committee.  Since 1971, he served on his Landesgruppe Executive Committee, and for 10 years served as Chair of the Regional Committee.  He currently maintains his position on the SV’s Administrative and Financial Committee.

In 1991 he became a licensed SV Performance Judge, in 1995 a licensed Conformation Show Judge, and in 2000 a licensed Körmeister.  He has since judged the performance work for many trials and Sieger Shows of member WUSV countries.

During the Bundessiegerprüfung held in Augsburg, he was invited to judge the Obedience, and in the year 2000 he was honored to judge the Performance Test for the Female Working Class at the Bundessiegerzuchtshau, then again in Karlsruhe, 2002 he was invited to judge the Young Male Class.  In 2016 at the Bundessiegerzuchtshau in Nürnberg he was invited to judge the Young Male Class.

For over 10 years he worked with his brother breeding dogs under the kennel name vom Schlumborn, achieving success with Ex and Sipsi, both receiving VA ratings.

He now breeds under his own kennel name, von Königsadler, producing the notably successful dog Janka vom Königsadler, mother of the WUSV Siegerin Ronda von Haus Beck.

I wish every exhibitor the best of luck and I hope you will have the success that you deserve.