Rules for the 2018 WUSV Joint Qualifier



  • Use of corrective devices is not permitted on trial grounds during practice or at any time during the event. Competitors who violate this provision will be dismissed immediately.
  • No one is to be on the trial field before/after their scheduled practice time. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.
  • All tracking protests must be made before the completion of the tracking phase that day. Retracks, if granted, will be done at the end of that tracking flight.
  • Teams should provide their own practice dumbbells, practice gunfire and helpers.


The 2018 WUSV Qualification trial will be conducted in accordance with WUSV Rules and Regulations.


The 2018 WUSV Qualification Trial is conducted in accordance with WUSV Veterinary Requirements and Regulations.

Veterinary Requirements: The following devices, equipment, methods and conduct are by no means admitted during the training and the exercises carried out by the dogs during the competition:


  • Any kind of violence and aggression towards the animals
  • The usage of electronic shock devices or radio controlled collars and the respective mock‐ups
  • The usage of pinch collars
  • The application of drugs


A violation of the above‐mentioned regulations might entail a disqualification from the WUSV Qualification Trial.


Veterinary Regulations: The competition is subject to medical surveillance.


To obtain a permission to take part in the competition every dog must be presented for a veterinary examination prior to WUSV Qualifier Practice. The veterinarian will be available during that time.


Females in their heat are examined accordingly


One part of the veterinary examination is a physical fitness tests every animal must undergo. One exercise in this connection is a jump on table at a height of approximately 80 cm. The dog must master this without any physical support provided by the handler. Dogs who fail to successfully complete this exercise will not take part in the competition.


In case that a dog’s health does not allow for the animal to take part in the competition this will lead to the disqualification. If a dog apparently suffers from health‐related problems or shows symptoms of pain the animal will be disqualified from the entire competition and sent off the premises of the stadium.Please be explicitly advised that any kind of usage and administration of drugs in terms of pain killers and/ or performance‐enhancing medication is strictly forbidden. A violation of this stipulation also entails a disqualification.


The host organization is entitled to arrange for medical examinations at any time in case the dogs show symptoms of illness or injuries. The diagnosis as taken by the veterinary applies at any given time.


A current rabies certificate must be presented at vet check.