There will be a raffle held in Zion, IL at the 2018 GSDCA Sieger Show to help raise funds for the event, but to make this raffle successful, we will need many items to be donated.  However, this year we will be doing something new.  In addition to the on-site raffle in Zion, we will be auctioning off items BEFORE the Sieger Show event, using an online auction site created especially for the event.  Thus, we, also will be soliciting additional items for the online auction site.  Gift certificates would be especially suitable.


The online auction site, EBark, was the brainchild of one of our donations leaders, Ruth Black, and we are looking forward to it being a big success.  We feel this will be a win, win, win situation.  First of all, each donation will be listed on EBark, along with a link to the donor’s website.  Therefore, the donor will be advertised on the auction site and will be recognized in our GSDCA Sieger Show catalog.  Secondly, this auction site will allow participants and interested parties to purchase gift certificates for local restaurants and businesses BEFORE arriving to Zion.  In addition, it will allow gift certificates and merchandise that has been solicited from around the country to be purchased online.  Lastly, because this online auction will be available on social media, it is our hope that many people will share our link with their contacts and will become involved in soliciting gift certificates and merchandise that will then help to raise the necessary funds to support events that promote the betterment of our German Shepherd breed.


Please check out the auction site to bid on items and track their progress.  The auction will close on Saturday September 22, 2018 and winners will be notified after the closing and will be sent an online invoice which will allow them to pay for their item via credit card.  If you are coming to the event, you will be able to pick up your item(s) at check-in.  If you are not attending the event, we will arrange to have the item shipped to you after the show.


Thank you in advance to each of you for helping to make this fund raising effort a big success.  We have a letter of explanation about the GSDCA, the Sieger Show, and the ways in which German Shepherds not only help to keep our country and communities safe, but provide sporting opportunities for the general public.  This letter is very helpful when asking for donations.  Contact Chris Mandela for a copy.


Bid At The Auction


If you would like to contribute an item to the raffle or auction or have a question please contact:


Chris Mandela