Junior Handlers


We are planning several events for our Junior Handlers during the course of the 2018 GSDCA Sieger Show.  We will be conducting a Junior Handler Seminar and Junior Handler Class.

Dates and times for these activities will be determined once we have a better understanding regarding the total number of entries in the event and when these Junior events can best be scheduled.


The Junior Handler Seminar is designed to teach Junior Handlers how to stack a dog correctly, how to gait the dog, and what to expect in the show ring.  This seminar is not just for beginners, all Junior Handlers are welcome to attend to improve their handling skills.  This is a “hands on” seminar, so please wear shoes you can walk and run in.  Our seminar will be led by Lars Beckman.


The Junior Handler Class is an opportunity for Junior Handlers to showcase their handling skills in a class where only Junior’s participate.  You will be judged on your handling skills in both stacking and gaiting your dog.  The German Shepherds are not being rated, only the handler is being judged. Please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn how to enroll a Junior in either of these two events.


All handlers under the age 18 are welcome to attend at no charge!  You do not need to be a GSDCA member to attend…


If you do not have a dog, and wish to participate in the seminar, or class, please sign up!  We will find a dog for you to learn with or handle.


What you will need for the seminar and class:

  • Signed permission form
  • A German Shepherd – male or female – NO male or female dogs from the Working Classes.  A Veteran dog or an untitled dog will be allowed, along with dogs from 3 months to 24 months old, as long as the child can handle the dog and the dog has a very stable temperament
  • An 8′ leash
  • A fur saver or show collar
  • You may bring a double handler.  If you do not have one, don’t worry, we will provide the help.


Parents are welcome to attend with their children, however you will not be allowed in the ring.


You must have a signed permissions slip/release form for this class and you can download it by clicking on the button below.  Once the form is completed you can either email a copy or mail a copy to the address below.  We would like to know how many as possible are attending, as we will be listing the Junior Handlers in the event catalog and here on the website.  You can however, signup when you get to the event as well!


If you have any questions please contact:
Elena Ortiz



Download the Junior Handler Form